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"Junction City CrossFit is the exact opposite of my preconcieved notion of working out in public. I have never been around such a positive and motivating group of athletes and coaches. People know my name and miss me when I can't make it to a workout."-JCCF member

"The encouragment and atmosphere is a huge deal but what I love most is the actual friendships that have been gained and the people I have met."-JCCF member

"What a great thing you have done for Junction City and the surrounding community in showing another way to be fit. But most of all. I want to thank you for what you've done for me. You have pushed me to go further than I could push myself. I am able to do unassited pull ups. And I have learned so muchmore about my nutrition, fitness and master comps. When I don't want to leave and just be in the box, I know it is a good place to be"-JCCF member

"My wife and I started crossfit at JCCF in 2014. Prior to joining, neither of us had any experience in crossfit, let alone weight lifting. Since joining the gym we have been welcomed as if we were family by not only the coaches but the other members. At first the program seemed a slight bit intimidating (especially knowing all the crossfit terminology) but the coaches were able to convey the message clearly.  The end result has been worth it!  I would recommend to anyone who is interested in getting fit, gaining knowledge on lifting techniques or even wanting to shed a few pounds. So glad we found this gem." -JCCF member

" In that short amount of time I lost 20.8 pounds, 4” in my chest, 9” in my waist, 1.75” in my hips, and 1.75” in my thighs.  I have enjoyed every step of my new lifestyle.  I’m getting stronger and achieving things that I didn’t think I could before.  Sometimes I still get a little self-conscious or have doubts about completing a workout.  Then I remember where I was a year ago.  I may not have the most reps on the board or the quickest time, but I’m better than I was.  You can definitely tell that the coaches are there for you.  They want you to succeed in whatever goal you have."-JCCF member

"I have made so many amazing friends and love the family I have at JCCF. I love that no matter what I'm going through they are always there...and I'm going to get cocky for a minute after 5 kids they have given me the ability to say I'm pretty damn hot with confidence. I have always struggled with not being proud of myself and not feeling good enough...CF and JCCF changed my life and saved me."-JCCF member    

" I was nervous on the first day wondering if I could keep up (I am very competitive) with the seasoned veterans or even do some of the movements. Not to worry as the instructors know how to scale the movements to cater to almost any physical condition or possible issue that you might have. And the other classmates help/offer advice and encouragement along the way. I now look forward to my daily workouts and I am feeling healthier than ever. I just recently hiked to the top of two mountains which were rated as very difficult hikes. I may have been able to complete that before, but it would have been very difficult. It has opened up other activities for me as well."-JCCF member 

"This was something different for me. This was something different from your everyday Army PT, this actually challenged me and I liked it. After my first workout, everyone in the box came over and introduced themselves to me and provided me with encouragement and I knew then, I had found a family especially considering my husband had just deployed. Junction City CrossFit became my new family."-JCCF member

" I never thought I would do crossfit. I thought I wasn't strong enough or athletic enough so it wasn't for me. When I moved here (Fort Riley), I asked around for gyms that had childcare and my neighbor  recommended jccf. Being here and doing crossfit has given me so much confidence that I never had before. I realized that I was stronger and tougher than I thought and that I can do things I never thought I could do. I love this community and I love that the coaches really get to know us and really care. I don't know what I would do without jccf!!"       -JCCF member       

" I quit smoking and my body seems to be returning back to pre smoking days and my motivation is coming back. Great Gym and shockingly I love coming back!- JCCF member

"I Crossfit to be a good role model for my son (and future kids). There's nothing better than an active lifestyle and I want that for them as well.Crossfit is an amazing and healthy way to relieve stress ,to learn more about yourself, and meet some swolemates."  -JCCF member

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