Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT)

8-Week training program designed to train you specifically for the new Army Combat Fitness Test 

Training plan – The 8-Week training progression is designed to train specifiaclly for the new Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT).

Segmental analysis – provides you with a breakdown of muscle distribution, percentage body fat and water balance. This along with a hands on assessment, is used to detect any muscular imbalance that may lead to injury or stall progress.

Strategy and Technique – 1:1 training sessions so that you are familiar and confident with each exercise tested

Baseline assessment – provides you with a working start point for your training so that you can build your numbers.

1:1 for weight loss with personalized plan – provides a detailed breakdown of what you should be eating each day, food list, and support to keep you on track.

The ACFT is a 6-event fitness assessment. 
3RM Dead Lift (3 Repetition Maximum)
Standing Power Throw
Max Hand Release Push Ups in 2 Minutes
Sprint-Drag-Carry for Time
Max Leg Tuck in 2 Minutes
2 Mile Run for Time

Questions before you get started?

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