Get moving towards a fitter version of yourself

So what is CrossFit? CrossFit is the most effective exercise program in the world! To be nerdy, it is constantly varied, functional movement, done at relatively high intensity. What that means in English is that we never do the same workout twice, the movements we perform are functional and mimic daily life, and are designed to make you stronger, faster, and leaner!

When you join Junction City CrossFit you will join a supportive community of individuals all going through their own journey of self improvement. When you come in to workout, you will be greeted by friends who will encourage and push you to accomplish more than you ever thought yourself capable. Plus, our coaches will always be there to ensure you are moving safely, having fun, and to cheer you on!

Make no mistake – you will work hard, sweat heavy, and push your limits!

To get started schedule a Free No-Sweat intro! During your No-Sweat intro we will discuss your schedule, individual goals, go through a complete joint by joint movement assessment and discuss what your unique on boarding process will look like!

Have you done CrossFit before? Great! Schedule a Free No Sweat Intro and we will discuss your individual goals, go through a complete joint by joint movement assessment, and also have you do a “Test Out” in which we will ask you to perform the CrossFit foundational movements.    

We know walking through the front door is the hardest part. Take the first step and we will be there to meet you where you are!