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  • Motivation is not a requirement

    Motivation isn’t a requirement to go to the gym………

    I have people come up to me almost every day to explain to me why they haven’t come to the gym.  Some are legitimate reasons, “I have been sick” “My kid has been sick” “I’ve been in the field”.  But the number one reason I get consistently is, “I just wasn’t feeling motivated today.” 


    You didn’t come to the gym because you weren’t motivated?  I think many people believe that they are supposed to “want” to go to the gym and train every day.  I can tell you from experience that is the furthest thing from the truth.  There are days every week, where I have ZERO motivation to go train, but I still do.  I bet if you asked any seasoned, competitive athlete, if they were motivated to train every day they would quickly tell you no!  But they train anyway…….just like having a job, completing chores around the house, and running errands, it’s just something that needs to be done.  Most of us are not motivated to go to work every day or to tackle the dishes every night and clean laundry.  But we do……  

    Make the commitment to your health!  Train for 1 hour 4-5 days per week!  There is 168 hours in 1 week…….we are asking for 4-5 of them.  That’s it.  To give you the healthiest version of yourself. 

     Hope to see you all tomorrow!!


  • No Classes July 4th! Join us for the Coors Freedom Run 10K or 5K

  • Friday Night Lights


     Friday Night Lights 15.1 was a great success!  Saw some amazing PR's and everyone doing their very best.  Atmosphere was electric! 

    Next week's theme will be Super Hero/War Paint theme! 

     Check out pictures here

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