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  • How the constant pursuit of bigger numbers can make you hate training

    One of the best things about being a beginner are the newbie gains.  When you first start at CrossFit your numbers skyrocket.  It is not uncommon to see 20, 30, or even 40 pound jumps in some of your lifts.  There may have been times where you PR’d multiple times in very quick succession.  It’s a great feeling but it can become like a drug and you start to chase after that next PR.  And here is the thing with newbs… they are getting stronger, but they’re also developing the neurological adaptations ($10 dollar word for muscle memory) that create huge jumps in their squat, deadlift, bench, and other lifts.   But the newbie lifter gains seem to stabilize and start to come fewer and farther in-between.  What happened?? 

    As you become a more seasoned lifter, those big jumps in weight are going to occur less and less.  There may be months or maybe even years before you hit a PR on certain lifts.  How do you stay motivated if you think you’re not seeing results, because you’re not hitting PRs?  

    If you’re only looking at what you’re numbers are, you’re missing out on so much!  Training, and maintaining a healthy and strong body is a lifetime commitment.  We at JCCF want you to make goals, but the JOURNEY is where the magic is.  And often times, people get so hung up on the end goal, they forget to enjoy the journey of getting there.  There is something to be said of doing the common movements uncommonly well.  And we call that virtuosity.  Getting that 300 pound deadlift with crappy form gets you nothing (except a hurt back).  But doing 15 perfect Deadlifts at 150 will yield you much better results and get you to your ultimate goal of lifting heavier.  Work on perfecting your squat.  Every squat, every variation, every single time you do them.  Work your mobility so your strict press and handstand pushup are flawless.  Pick apart your movements and make them better.  

    I promise, if you stop chasing the PRs your training will increase exponentially and your love and joy for training will increase as well.  

  • Performance & Fitness

     We know that you come to JCCF with varying goals. Fitness and Performance WODs are available so that you can progress to your goals with confidence.

    You're probably asking yourself, "How do I know which one to do?"  

    "Fitness" is great for novice  and intermediate athletes. Novice athletes are new to CrossFit and/or have  little knowledge of lifting weights. Intermediate athletes have been training for a while and feel confident in most movements done during the WODs. Fitness WODs are for those who want to train hard and train functional; who want to be healthy; who want to train in a way that keeps them able to play with their kids and run from a bear. This is for the individual, who's goal is to maintain health and longevity. 

    "Performance" workouts are for individuals who want to take their workouts to another level.  Intermediate athletes who have been training for some time and feel confident in most movements and athletes who show proficiency in movements.  They want a challenge and they want to see how far they can push the limits of their potential. 

    The coaches will help guide you and you aren't stuck in one or the other so feel free to try both. 

  • Post Featured Image

    Coach Terry

    Coach Terry was given an opportunity to go to Wyoming. Read about his time and what he did. Also congratulate him when you see him for attending the USAW Olympic Lifting Certification.  

    "The program I worked with is called Camp POSTCARD and it is led by Law Enforcement Officers.  The surrounding Law Enforcement agency SRO meet with kids in their school that are neglected, have abusive parents, are poor, lost parents due to death, haven been sexually or physically abused etc.  They are selected to attend this camp free of charge. We teach them good manners, respect for each other, the American Flag, importance of listening rather then talking. How to have courage to finish what they start, never giving up, leadership and most of all team work. The big nonprofit organization that does majority of the fundraising for this is called Volunteers of America, they are a truly amazing organization with a passion for Military veterans and kids. "

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