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  • Elisabeth Akinwale: On-Balance Seminar April 16th

    On Balance is a one-day interactive workshop with 5-Time CrossFit Games Athlete, business owner, fitness coach, and mother Elisabeth Akinwale. 

     Elisabeth will share the specific strategies, resources, and skills that have helped her compete at the highest level of CrossFit while maintaining a focus on life balance and overall health.  Build your confidence, mental fortitude, and develop a strengths-based approach to the pursuit of your goals.

     Course content will include Gymnastics, Olympic style weightlifting, and a holistic approach to physical & mental training to empower you in accomplishing your personal mission.


  • New Year's and Resolution


    New Year’s and the Resolution.

    I love New Year’s.  I know, so many people say their resolution, is to not make any resolutions.  But to me, there is something about a New Year, a fresh start that makes me hopeful.  Makes me excited!! 2015 brought many highs and lows for many of us.  Before this year ends, I hope each of you take a few minutes and reflect on the past 364 days.  What did you like, love?  What things do you need to give up or let go of?  Writing down things you want to do and (maybe stop doing) is a great first step in making your goals a reality.  Telling your family, posting your goals on FB and or sharing it with your JCCF family can help keep you accountable.   

    Make small goals, and enjoy the journey. 

    So many of us only look at the end point. And along the way we shame ourselves, we don’t love ourselves and we put conditions on ourselves.  “When I lose 20#, then I’ll be happy and like who I am.”  That mindset has to change.  You have to love yourself NOW, you have ENJOY the journey and love yourself exactly the way you are.  Realizing your goals are to create the BEST version of WHO YOU ARE.  Make your goals for you.  No one else.  Make your goals about being happy for you.  Not goals to prove people wrong or out of spite.  (While those can be things that help short term, it comes from a bad place and won’t sustain you.)  Intrinsic motivation, doing it for you is how goals are achieved and maintained.  Happy New Year JCCF!  I can’t wait to see what this New Year brings all of you



  • Motivation is not a requirement

    Motivation isn’t a requirement to go to the gym………

    I have people come up to me almost every day to explain to me why they haven’t come to the gym.  Some are legitimate reasons, “I have been sick” “My kid has been sick” “I’ve been in the field”.  But the number one reason I get consistently is, “I just wasn’t feeling motivated today.” 


    You didn’t come to the gym because you weren’t motivated?  I think many people believe that they are supposed to “want” to go to the gym and train every day.  I can tell you from experience that is the furthest thing from the truth.  There are days every week, where I have ZERO motivation to go train, but I still do.  I bet if you asked any seasoned, competitive athlete, if they were motivated to train every day they would quickly tell you no!  But they train anyway…….just like having a job, completing chores around the house, and running errands, it’s just something that needs to be done.  Most of us are not motivated to go to work every day or to tackle the dishes every night and clean laundry.  But we do……  

    Make the commitment to your health!  Train for 1 hour 4-5 days per week!  There is 168 hours in 1 week…….we are asking for 4-5 of them.  That’s it.  To give you the healthiest version of yourself. 

     Hope to see you all tomorrow!!


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